Ben Oliver
Peace in the Park 2018
June 09 2018

It was Peace in the Park again here in Sheffield at the weekend. Everyone’s favourite free lovin weed smokin festival, and it’s roughly 30 seconds from my doorstep so I went along.

This is actually a good opportunity to notify readers about a new gallery feature on this site where I’ll be uploading large-ish bunches of images.

It’s over at

The images are as hi-res as my camera could do them. It’s hosted on a different server, which is a little slower than this one but provides cheap bandwidth which is good for big files.

I don’t really have a decent gallery feature here and I didn’t too much fancy writing one, so this’ll do for now. Perhaps one day I’ll come up with something a little smoother than this system.

Anyway I’ll try to keep on top of posting on this blog when I upload images I think may be of interest. I just don’t want to host all those huge files here!

With regards to linking, I am quite careful to ensure there is little to no link rot on this website, but this probably won’t be the case with the image site, just be aware!