Take 2: Batman

"Holy Bikini Batman!"

I thought I’d only seen this a couple of times but as soon as I heard the music I remembered the battered old VHS we had it on when I was a kid, and I pretty much managed to repeat the whole thing word for word.

The campiness gets a bit too much to take but the following still makes me laugh like when I was 10:

  • The bat ladder, with a sign that says ‘bat ladder’
  • The shark repellent conveniently in the helicopter
  • The way Adam West talks like he’s trying to be deep but can’t quite find the words
  • The scene where Batman can’t find where to put a bomb because he keeps running into nuns and shit
  • When they crash the bat copter into a rubber foam convention so they are fine

Leslie H. Martinson | 1966 | IMDB | Wikipedia