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Take 2: The Dark Knight

"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

The Dark Knight is essentially a mob crime thriller that goes way off the rails. It’s about the flow of money and power through a corrupt system. Then The Joker shows up with an apparent motive to make everyone richer but the big twist is that he has no goal. He’s a pure agent of chaos. This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. You...

Christopher Nolan | Monday, Jan 08, 2018

Exporting large Gmail mailboxes with imap-upload

"A safe, simple way to shift a shit ton of email"

I've been working on moving away from gmail, for a number of reasons. The primary one being that I don't want to live under the domain anymore - I'd much rather have my own.

Ben Oliver | Monday, Jan 01, 2018

Take 2: Batman Begins

"Took quite a fall, didn't we, Master Bruce?"

Holy reboot Batman! Bruce Wayne was really down on his rubber-clad arse in the last film and Christopher Nolan dragged him by the cape into the 21st Century. This might be the greatest turnaround in Hollywood history. It’s also possibly the only modern super hero film series that keeps a straight face right the way through without being ridiculous. Everything else is either tacky and laughable, or works because it...

Christopher Nolan | Saturday, Dec 30, 2017

Film: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

"Why am I wearing half a shirt and short shorts in the jungle?"

Hollywood is surely about to run out of stuff to scrape from the bottom of the barrel if they are making sequels to Jumanji, AND YET this is not the disaster is was destined to be. In this one, rather than being sucked into a board game some teenagers get sucked into a video game. The catch is, they transform into the characters they picked at the start. So the...

Jake Kasdan | Friday, Dec 29, 2017

Film: Dunkirk

"Why waste precious tanks when they can pick us off from the air like a fish in a barrel?"

Christopher Nolan’s account of the Dunkirk evacuation is largely about the enemy unseen. There are barely any German soldiers in the whole film yet the tension and paranoia of their presence weighs on every scene. It’s a slow, visceral and stressful experience. A masterpiece in restraint underpinned by a brilliant score. Dunkirk sets about recounting fragments of events in immense detail rather than trying to cover the whole evacuation in...

Christopher Nolan | Thursday, Dec 28, 2017

Film: The Watch

"Pigs have uniforms, I think we should have uniforms too. Gotta match those fuckers on every level."

Ben Stiller forms a neighbourhood watch after the murder of one of his employees. He’s joined by Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoyade. Things go south when it turns out aliens are behind the whole thing. This might be good for a laugh or two but all in all it’s a pretty lazy piece of work. The buddy “oh shit it’s aliens” comedy genre can work pretty well (Attack...

Akiva Schaffer | Wednesday, Dec 27, 2017