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Okay, first things fuckin’ last!
21 February 2014

The Tarantino marathon continues.

When I first saw this ten years ago, it didn’t quite blow my mind like Pulp Fiction did, but the Mr. Blonde scene was seared into my retinas. Revisiting that is an interesting experience; I feel like I’m seeing it for the first time again. The ease with which Madsen moves around the room is transfixing and ultimately terrifying. I love the brief moment when he goes outside. It punctuates the scene and almost gives us a breather before diving back into the action.

As with most Tarantino films, the characters are allowed to talk and develop, and also as with most Tarantino films, this is a good idea 80% of the time. I still think that some tighter editing wouldn’t have gone amiss at times. However, when the long scenes do work they make the film what it is - a brilliant, stylish and unique piece of work.

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