Ben Oliver

I live in Sheffield, UK. It’s quite nice, if you are in town get in touch.

Reviews titled Take 2 are about films I’m re-watching.

Contact Me

Feel free to moan about my crap content, say hello, ask questions or just send me random stuff.

In order of ‘most likely to get a reply’

I’m on lots of IRC networks but the most reliable place to catch me there would be freenode. My nick is benoliver999. I am afk a lot but I do get pinged when private messages come in so it’s not a bad way to get hold of me.


If you want to send ecnrypted email please use my gpg public key. The fingerprint is: 773B 5813 995E E414 55E0 5A5D BD3B 1FAC C191 5D5A if you want to use a keyserver.


You can verify who I am by using keybase - this has a note of gpg keys etc.

This Website

Here are some things nerds like to ask about. This site is: