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Film: Room 237

"It says Room Nº 237. The only other word you can spell there is Moon. Moon Room."

This was ostensibly a look into people’s theories on the Kubrick classic The Shining but it turned out to be a pretty interesting look into how flipping through films frame by frame can make you seem insane. One guy screened the film with it playing in reverse, superimposed over the top. Another thinks that it’s Kubrick’s confession to faking the moon landing footage. Another sees numbers everywhere that only half...

Rodney Ascher | Sunday, Jan 14, 2018

Film: Rough Night

"It's not cheating if it's with a prostitute, technically."

So this is the white lady version of Girls Trip. They were released at roughly the same time and it’s almost a carbon copy, but this one lacks any of the charm and humour of its counterpart. Plus, and I suppose you may have to forgive my ignorance here because I knew very little about the film going in, the ‘rough night’ goes so far that they KILL A GUY...

Lucia Aniello | Saturday, Jan 13, 2018

Film: The Girl With All the Gifts

"They just want to live. Everybody wants that."

When your zombie film doesn’t have much cash behind it you have to turn to the cast and screenplay to make things work. This mostly does. Gemma Arterton, Paddy Considine and Glenn Close provide the human contingent and Sennia Nanua stars as a half-human half-zombie child in her feature debut. It’s a tense horror thriller rich in metaphor. McCarthy leans on the premise and story to get a reaction from...

Colm McCarthy | Saturday, Jan 13, 2018

Take 2: The Lego Batman Movie

"Riddle me this, what just happened?"

I’ll keep this short because I only saw it a few months back. It’s still a miniature masterpiece and the real ending to our Batman series. I hope people don’t write this off because it’s a LEGO movie, it’s one of the funnier animations to come out in recent times.

Chris McKay | Saturday, Jan 13, 2018

Take 2: Suicide Squad

"You're my friend too!"

Well this brings our Batman series to a close (sort of), and in this film he gets a blink-or-you’ll-miss-it cameo. Suicide Squad hasn’t aged well and the pointless soundtrack is what wound me up most of all this time. How can you get the rights to Bohemian Rhapsody and cut it off before it really gets going? It’s like someone has an iPod on shuffle but can’t settle on a...

David Ayer | Friday, Jan 12, 2018

Take 2: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

"Do you bleed?"

A solid setup gives you false hope going into this film. When you see Superman literally lasering buildings in half it’s easy to sympathise with Batman, and the whole concept behind the film seems less stupid. Sadly it all goes rapidly downhill from there. Pointless cameos, endless fighting… this is possibly the most non-descript Batman film made to date.

Zack Snyder | Wednesday, Jan 10, 2018

Take 2: The Dark Knight Rises

"A hero can be anyone."

The people in the hell dungeon here shout ‘rise’ to prisoners trying to climb their way out. Are we as an audience supposed to ‘rise’ above our childish impulses to laugh at Bane’s ridiculous voice? The moment he opens his mouth I am reminded of the Power Rangers - a lot of hand gestures and a whole load of work in post. It’s an odd oversight that sort of hijacks...

Christopher Nolan | Tuesday, Jan 09, 2018