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Born in France, raised in England. Not really from anywhere.

Places that are near and dear to me or I’ve lived in: Provence, Shropshire, Stoke, Lancaster (UK), Mallorca, Birmingham (UK), Orkney, Sheffield. It’s a weird thing to list but I always like knowing where people spent time.

You’ll notice that there are tons of articles about films. I like movies. The real story though is that in a previous life I was a writer. I don’t do that any more so I keep churning out stuff on here just to stretch my fingers.

Like every other boring internet person I like to pretend I can take photographs. Unlike them I don’t tend to spend much money on gear, and I can’t be arsed putting them online. I do like to get them printed sometimes though when I’m feeling particularly egotistical.

I cook every day and like some sort of Stockholm syndrome I now like it, and think about it a lot. I also like going out for food, alone or with people. In fact I like that more than most things.

I use technology a lot and I love the internet but I’m also a bit of a luddite when it comes to brand new stuff. Phones suck. Social media sucks. Luckily the old internet is far from dead. You just have to know where to look, and how to participate.

As a result I like to hoard swathes of data like music and photos and old movies because of an irrational fear of the cloud.

I’m one of those tiresome privacy people that bang on about how you need to get off Facebook and stop using the same passwords. If we run into each other and I start saying things like this, please stop me. Seriously though, get off Facebook and stop using the same passwords.

Writing about oneself is so exhausting…

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