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Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

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10 April 2014

I’ve not come to expect much from films born out of TV shows but this was a pleasant surprise. It’s the second time I’ve seen the film and it’s perhaps not quite as funny as the first, but all in all this is a positive addition to the now large Alan Partridge collection of stuff.

It serves as more material for fans such as myself to chew on, but it’s also a good introduction to the character for newcomers. The essence of Partridge is captured here, without having to dip into the old jokes from the past. It’s a testament to how purely funny the character is that there’s still new material coming out of a very old idea.

The story is a little muddled and messy but the jokes are so funny none of it matters. This is a rare breed of film indeed, and well worth your time even if you’ve never heard of Alan Partridge.

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