Ben Oliver

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Ben gives the only true way to defeat a corrupt world government and to initiate the only true revolution.
18 April 2014

Do not watch this film if you have any internet connected devices around. You will constantly be pausing it to fact-check some of the mind blowing ‘truths’ Stewart lays down here. Sadly in doing so you’ll also be debunking most of them.

This film makes the mistake of proposing an interesting, well presented thesis as absolute fact. In doing so, it pushes against its own message of questioning everything we see.

It’s essentially a swish powerpoint presentation made by (and for) people desperate for answers to some of the more profound questions the universe has to offer. The result are some cherry-picked ‘facts’ chosen to support a notion of a collective psyche being pushed against by historical forces blah blah blah. It must be good though because the out-of-context quotes used all the time are from people we’ve heard of.

I’m being harsh on the ‘facts’ presented though. Many of them do check out and make for interesting reading (there’s a legitimate debate as to whether the UK Monarchy is descended from the prophet Muhammad. Not a 100% fact like they claim but it is a plausible theory). My problem lies with the flaky explanation used to tie it all together. I won’t go into it but it seems poorly thought out, and merely a way to introduce these interesting tidbits of information into a film.

If you’re interested in seeing one person’s view of the world, Kymatica will not disappoint. If you’re looking for answers, there are none.