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Pulp Fiction

You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Paris?
27 April 2014

My mini-Tarantino marathon comes to a close with one of his best known, and most highly praised films. I can only add to that hype.

From start to finish you’re absolutely transfixed as Tarantino acts out his insane screenplay with such confidence and bravado. Nobody else could make this work but he’s made it into one of the best films ever put to celluloid. I don’t say this often, but it’s a masterpiece.

Not a word is wasted, not a word is forgotten, yet everyone talks so much. It’s a long, complicated film but it flies right by. Like a rollercoaster, its highs and lows leave you wanting more. Unlike a rollercoaster, it’s completely different second time around.

Jerod Gibson1.

This is a film that fucks with Hollywood in a way that doesn’t get old, and never will. Whenever I despair about the state of cinema (sometimes you have a run of 4/5 stinkers), I remember that people are capable of making works of art like this.

There’s little original left to be said about Pulp Fiction. It’s probably one of the most over-discussed and, yes, over-hyped movies ever made. It’s in the 2001 & Casablanca club though; it never lets you down.

Prasad Bhat2.
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