Ben Oliver

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30 Minutes Or Less

Guess what? You just brought a gun to a bombfight!
21 May 2014

30 Minutes or Less places Jesse Eisenberg in a sticky situation as a pizza delivery guy who gets ambushed and a bomb strapped to his chest. He then gets told to rob a bank or the bomb will explode.

I won’t bore you with any more details, this is a pedestrian comedy that’s surprisingly low on stakes considering the plot is literally a ticking time bomb. It’s probably no surprise however that it’s also low on laughs; Eisenberg and McBride aren’t always the funniest people ever to hit the big screen.

In the sense that this is supposed to be an action comedy, this is a disastrous film. It doesn’t come close to attaining any of those goals. Silly genre labels aside, the worst offence 30 Minutes or Less is guilty of is being instantly forgettable. It’s not a stinker, it’s nothing.

Don’t bother.