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Piratebox gets a 1.0 release

02 June 2014

Earlier this year I wrote about1 the great PirateBox2. It’s a piece of software (firmware I suppose) made by David Darts3 that allows you to create an off the grid router; a mini ‘internet in your pocket’ if you will. It allows everyone connected to it to share files, chat and post to a message board; all offline.

Well it’s just had its 1.0 release, which means it’s been given quite the polish. It’s much easier to use and install, it’s much less buggy, and it has its own website4.

Additionally they have made an Android version5, a Raspberry Pi6 version (still in its early days) and a Linux7 version. Now you can try it out even if you don’t have a spare router lying around. Not sure how they work but people tell me they do.

I like to switch mine on from time to time and I’ve had some lovely messages from curious people. Someone dropped off a book, some songs, pictures… even Android apps. It’s been great so far.