Ben Oliver


Vanscapes, by Alison Turner

04 June 2014

I just love these ‘Vanscapes’ by photographer Alison Turner1. They are the kind of pictures that look easy to take, but most of us just can’t make it work. To quote the LENSCRATCH2 article:

Last month, Alison ventured off soil, for an on-the-road adventure in New Zealand. The trip got off to a rough start when her cameras, clothes and everything but her wallet and cell phone where stolen on the first day, but the results of her adventure are a new series of vistas, all shot within the context her her van – this time she was behind her cell phone.

She has an official site3, but these aren’t up there (UPDATE: they are now4). The LENSCRATCH5 article quoted above has more of her story, and some background from Turner herself.

Via This isn’t happiness6