Ben Oliver


RuTorrent/rtorrent deletes data when removing torrent

09 June 2014

Just a quick one here:

I was having a problem with rutorrent. Whenever I clicked ‘remove’, it also deleted the data on the hard drive. This is a problem when you no longer want to seed something or it gets removed from the tracker, yet you want to keep the file itself.

My problem turned out to be with my rtorrent config. Easy to fix.

  1. Open ~/.rtorrent.rc
  2. Find this line: system.method.set_key =,remove_files,"execute={rm,-rf,--,$d.get_base_path=}"
  3. Comment it out.
  4. Restart rtorrent.

Managed to dig up the line here1, and many thanks to sbh7600 on freenode’s #rutorrent for confirming the issue before I messed with anything.

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