Ben Oliver

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Captain Phillips

I know how to handle America. Give me the pistol.
22 June 2014

Tom Hanks makes an unexpectedly good turn in this tale of Captain Phillips, a big container ship captain captured by Somalian pirates.

Greengrass makes simple work of this and it’s very effective. Tight direction, a well thought out soundtrack and some great performances make for one of the my favourite films of 2013.

This is Hanks’ best work in a long time. He plays it straight, like everything else in the film, but it’s just what’s required of him. The pirates are also great, menacing but real.

Captain Phillips is nothing fancy, but what it does, it does well. It’s also a rare breed in its genre; one that works just as well second time around. There’s something mesmeric in watching the events unfold.

Greengrass has made a fresh take on old school edge-of-the-seat stuff, and it’s not to be missed.