Ben Oliver

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The Lego Movie

All I’m asking for is total perfection.
31 July 2014

There’s little left to be said about The Lego Movie that hasn’t been repeated a thousand times. It’s hilarious, beautiful and original.

It’s perhaps a little bit of a struggle to breeze past the mixed messages the film gives out, but once you tune into the style, pace and sense of humour of this film you’ll find it easier to forgive Lord & Miller for covering all bases.

The irony of being able to buy merchandise from this film in Lego kit form, with instructions, is also likely not lost on you. It’s Hollywood trying to be self-aware but still having to dial it back a bit.

That’s my only criticism. This film is otherwise a real triumph on so many levels. The animation is ground breaking in its technical achievements, but also clearly made with love and attention. You can see the very light scratch marks on the plastic faces. Parts that always break in real life are broken here too. The way things move and interact with each other are precisely like the real thing. As a result the film feels warm and familiar. It just makes you want to get the Lego out.

The voice over work is some of the best in years, the soundtrack is clever and the direction is spot on. We’ve seen Lord & Miller’s great action comedy sequences in the Jump Street films, and they apply their skills here to great effect.

In short, everything is awesome.