Ben Oliver

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We never really die.
31 August 2014

I’m not a Luc Besson fan. Yes, there was Leon, but there was only Leon. The Fifth Element was ok sort of. To be honest, I’m still sore after the clusterfuck that was The Family. It hurts to have one’s time wasted so.

Lucy (Scarlett Johanssen) resides in a world where humans only use 10% of their brains; she stumbles into a way to use all of hers and as a result winds up as a sort of goddess. It’s a really stupid idea for a film.

That said, it’s fun. Much like Taxi and Taken, you can’t deny the thrill ride you get from Besson’s style. What irked me was the relentless attempt to provide some insight into the meaning of life. Just because you have shots of animals chasing each other doesn’t mean you’re Stanley Kubrick. It’s bullshit. Oh, also M. Besson, your nature-2001-meaning-of-life-shots look like shitty stock footage. If you’re going to even try to make something profound, it takes work, this is just lazy.

Anyway, back to the fun. The action is well shot and Johanssen is competent in the role. She’s also really good looking, and watching her glorious assets bounce around in cinema size just about made it worth the trip to the big screen. There’s also Morgan Freeman which is cool but he doesn’t seem to be buying the script at all.

There really isn’t any more to it than that, which is fine, except Besson keeps trying to convince us that Lucy is more than just boobs, guns and superpowers. It really isn’t.

Don’t avoid Lucy like you should avoid The Family, just don’t seek it out expecting anything of any importance.