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The mind turns in silence.
03 January 2015

Silence is a slow, beautiful, philosophical work by director Pat Collins. The premise is that of a sound recording artist who sets out to record ‘silence’, that is to say, natural sound devoid of man-made interference.

To do this he returns home, to Ireland. He then runs into various people and they discuss their takes what a sense of place really is, what it is to be ‘home’, identity and man’s place in nature.

Despite being a work of fiction this often feels like a documentary. Collins lovingly captures the landscape and is not afraid to linger on shots, just to let the audience soak it in.

Silence is remarkably unpretentious considering its arty concept. Something about its style and sound editing keeps the whole thing alive and interesting. It’s not a hard film to watch despite being so unique.

A truly captivating 80 minutes.

This isn’t the easiest film to get hold of so here’s1 the link to its website.

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