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Left Behind

I know you all want answers, and believe me, so do I.
07 January 2015

Good people disappear in the rapture (yeah, that kind of rapture) and bad-husband pilot Nic Cage has to land a plane as the shit hits the fan. Fortunately he’s left on there with Nicky Whelan. Unfortunately she’s keen to keep her clothes on in this one.

I’m often a Cage apologist but holy fuck does that man make some stinkers. This is one of the worst pieces of cack I’ve ever seen. Boring, puke-worthy propagandistic dross.

Left Behind is a film beyond redemption. Cage is supposed to be cheating on his wife but it comes to light that he’s just flirting with the hot flight attendant. This is an actor that specializes in being bad, yet he’s barely even looked at his ‘mistress’! They stop him going into crazy mode in a film that really needs crazy mode.

Plot-wise… oh boy. There’s half an hour of naff all, people vanish, then they keep checking their phones for signal until they have to land the plane. Even the emergency landing is tedious. I literally watched this ten minutes ago and cannot remember most of what happened.

It’s not worth me going on, a rapture would be sweet relief from this biblical stinker.

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