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Indie Game: The Movie

You kind of have to give up something to have something great.
28 January 2015

A documentary following the development and eventual release of three ‘indie’ games, that is to say, games designed on a very small budgets by teams of one or two.

It’s no secret that big game studios have been flailing a little when it comes to new ideas (much like Hollywood…). Sure games have gotten bigger and louder and more realistic, but there’s a lack of a personal touch so as a result things have become rather bland.

Fortunately in this day and age, anyone with the willpower and talent can make and, more importantly, easily distribute a game. Unfortunately, the process of doing so isn’t always that riveting, as Indie The Movie shows.

This is a somewhat interesting film for me to the extent that I’ve played the games, and enjoyed them, so seeing how they were made is worthwhile. However, beyond that it’s hard for me to describe the appeal of the documentary.

It boils down to people stressing out over the release of their games and recounting the long lonely journey of how they got to the final hurdle. Tales of talented people trying to make it in their craft are ten a penny and this one doesn’t stand out amongst them.