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PC load letter! What the fuck does that mean?
24 March 2015

I just had a part 1 of a root canal and needed something to cheer me up. The fact that Office Space is one of my go-to films when I’ve had my teeth drilled speaks volumes; this will never fail to be funny.

Watching it is akin to Peter’s experience with hypnosis in the film. It’s not a holy shit I’m going to quit my job effect, but a reminder that the only things that matter in life are the things you want to matter.

Judge’s message is straightforward and naive. I’m a sucker for its simplicity. Humour takes Office Space so far but its greatest quality is that it hits upon the truth and offers hope for us all.

The plot is perhaps the weakest part, but there are so many memorable lines and characters it doesn’t really make any difference. Often forgotten in the midst of irritating bosses, TPS reports and staplers is Jennifer Aniston, in what is her only good film ever.

A true masterpiece if only for its infinite re-watch value.

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