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I gave you 100 million dollars. You agreed to not go over!
15 June 2015

The boys are back! Is that a good thing? Who knows! Yes it’s time for Vince and his mates to get into more capers for another 90 minutes in this big screen continuation of the TV show.

If you’re not familiar with the show, Adrian Grenier plays movie star Vince Chase. For eight seasons it tracks his rise to fame, and the lives of his ‘entourage’ - his brother and two friends he brings along for the ride.

Here, Vince has decided to direct a blockbuster film. It’s way over budget and the financiers are reluctant to write another cheque. One of the big money guys (Billy Bob Thornton) sends his obnoxious son (Hayley Joel Osment) to see an early preview of the film and decide on its fate.

For better or for worse, Entourage plays out like a long episode of the show. Fans are likely to be happy. The problem is that it’s not like a good episode of the show.

The pretty women and cameos come in thick and fast to cover up the fact that nothing is happening. These boys no longer have problems, they’ve got it made. That’s kind of fun to watch for five minutes but it’s got a very short shelf life.

The performances are the same as ever, funny and charismatic but two dimensional. Jeremy Piven clearly enjoys himself and still manages to get genuine laughs. Everyone else is in the film for less than one minute.

This is far from the train wreck critics have laid it out to be, however it’s definitely a project that didn’t need to happen. It’s a gilded, bikini-clad, celebrity-filled waste of time.

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