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Hot Pursuit

Penis! Oh my God! Penis!
11 October 2015

An uptight cop (Reese Witherspoon) is tasked with escorting the wife of a drug dealer (Sofia Vergara) on the witness protection programme. They run into an underground plot by corrupt police officers and are forced to run for their lives. Guess what? They are like chalk and cheese. This should be hilarious!

Perhaps this is a bit harsh, the relationship between the two is actually quite entertaining at times; it’s just a shame that it features in what has to be one of the worst films of the year so far.

It’s hard to see how hackneyed old bullshit like this gets made. The same story has been done time and time again, and it takes so much more than a faint spark of on-screen chemistry to work. And yet, Hollywood seems content with throwing an ‘odd-couple’ together and hoping for the best.

There’s little point in going on with the review. Hot Pursuit is a drab, tired waste of time. Any attempt at humour fails, and any glimmer of potential dies within the first 10 minutes. Sofia Vergara’s chest has more charisma than any of the characters.

A hot mess to be avoided at all costs.