Ben Oliver

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Seduced and Abandoned

The movie business is the worst lover you’ve ever had.
20 January 2016

Alec Baldwin and James Toback go to Cannes in order to raise money for a project they are working on.

This is a frank look at the modern day movie business, peppered with interesting interviews from giants like Coppola, Polanski, Scorsese & Bertolucci. Baldwin and Toback seem to meander through different conversations loosely based around financing films.

It’s not a documentary for everyone, but if you are interested in the politics and hustling that goes behind pitching a movie, Seduced and Abandoned is definitely worth your time. At some point we even sit in on pitches, watching Toback try to work his magic to secure cash. The project changes shape based on who he’s talking to and how much money is on the table.

There’s maybe a bit too much of an “it was better back in the day” vibe, but it was refreshing to hear frank discussions about marketability and profitability. Despite struggling to get funding, Baldwin and Toback do occasionally strike gold with this documentary.