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Blue Ruin

That’s how this works, man. The one with the gun gets to tell the truth.
24 January 2016

A man seeks vengeance for the murder of his parents, but proves to be a poor assassin.

I like what Saulnier has done here, it’s a no bullshit suspenseful thriller but he gives it his own spin by making the protagonist a shivering wreck, yet a wreck on the war path. This is no Jef Costello, Dwight (it’s even a shaky name) can’t fire a gun, go un-noticed or even keep someone in the boot of a car.

However, he pursues his aim of killing a whole family to protect his own, as and a result winds up being both the predator and the prey. Blue Ruin is simply 90 minutes of well-shot, well-thought-out tension. It’s relentless; I actually breathed a sigh of relief when the credits rolled.

A great thriller I wish I’d caught sooner.

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