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Just throw the sheets in the wash.
15 February 2016

A high-school kid finds himself stuck in the same day over and over again. The day ‘resets’ when he has an orgasm.

Films with time-loops always get compared to Groundhog Day but this one not only shares similarities with the aforementioned, it’s a blatant remake. Our protagonist is stuck in a rut and the day repeats itself until he falls in love to break the cycle. Every day he learns a little more about himself, the perfect girl’s been staring him in the face all along etc… etc…

What a joyless, predictable exercise this is. The ending is so horribly telepathed from the start it’s like Beers doesn’t actually want you to watch the film. The hour and a half it takes to get there makes us feel like we’re stuck in the time-loop ourselves - it’s dull and repetitive.

A couple of funny one-liners aside, Premature is more of a dry hump than a satisfying climax.

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