Ben Oliver

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If you try to marry me off I’ll scream.
01 May 2016

Five sisters growing up in a rural Turkish village struggle against a culture that tries to suppress their freedom. One by one they begin to get married off by their family.

Mustang covers such a wide spectrum of emotion. On the one hand it’s a beautiful display of sisterhood and an often joyous tale of what it’s like to become an adult. On the other hand at its lowest point the sisters are forced to undergo checks to ensure they are still virgins. Tumblr feminists take stock; some people are actually oppressed in life.

However, Ergüven injects a sense of optimism. On paper the subject matter sounds harsh but Mustang is flecked with moments of happiness and humour, which makes the film bittersweet rather than just plain miserable.

The powerful subject matter, excellent performances and Ergüven’s eye for a gorgeous shot make this film a resounding success. Thought provoking yet surprisingly accessible - Mustang is well worth your time if it’s playing near you.

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