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Wild Target

Come and see what happens if you don’t clean your gun.
06 May 2016

A hit man (Bill Nighy) befriends his target (Emily Blunt), and they develop an unlikely relationship.

This is basically your run of the mill mid-budget British comedy. You get a few big names, some decent gags and ultimately nothing to write home about. The plot takes some unusual twists and turns as it struggles to keep us interested, and as is so often the case it just gets too stupid.

That said if you’re just after a breezy, light hearted black comedy then Wild Target fits the bill, and I’m surprised it didn’t gain more traction when it came out. Perhaps it’s because it just leaves you feeling a bit flat as the credits roll.

It’s a shame, because there are some good jokes and genuinely interesting characters. The way Blunt and Nighy clash is nothing new, but it’s still fun to watch.

Worth a look if you’re scrabbling around for even half-decent comedies.

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