Ben Oliver

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Now You See Me

Now you don’t.
16 July 2016

Four talented and diverse magicians are hired by a mysterious organisation to perform heists live on stage, giving the money out to the audience. Sort of like Robin Hood but with magicians.

If the premise of Now You See Me doesn’t really make sense to you, then the bad news is that actually watching the film will not make things much clearer. Magic tricks are not the best way to pull off a heist, and heaven only knows why you’d want to do it while showing your face to the world.

For those of us able to move past the naff concept, then this is a film that actually serves as relatively good entertainment. It’s slick, has certain clever moments and is bolstered by an all-star cast.

If you’re after some mindless popcorn munching fun then you could do far worse. Just don’t ask questions and try not to think too far ahead.

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