Ben Oliver

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Taken 2

We’re about to be taken.
16 July 2016

The original Taken was a no-nonsense kick-ass romp through Paris. Some eejit thought it would make a good franchise so they had to come up with a premise for a sequel, despite the first film wrapping up quite nicely.

Guess what? This time Liam and his wife get Taken and his daughter has to find him. She does this by throwing grenades off rooftops at one point. Great stuff…

This is just a mess. The story is again weak, but this time they decide to linger on the build-up for AGES. There’s half an hour of clunky foreshadowing in a film that is barely 90 minutes long.

If you like shitty confusing action mixed with bland characters and a lack of anything happening, Taken 2 might be right up your alley. Otherwise, give it a miss.