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Taken 3

I’ll come for you. I’ll find you, and we both know what’s gonna happen.
17 July 2016

Thought I might as well make it a set and watch the third one. It’s possibly slightly better than Taken 2 if only because it has no one throwing grenades all over the place and no stupid driving lesson stuff.

This time, Neeson’s wife gets killed and he gets framed for it. So it’s his freedom that gets Taken, or his wife, or his car or something. Forest Whitaker makes an appearance as the detective on the case. He’s got some ticks to make him a real person - he carries a chess piece around with him because this case is like chess.

The elements we all know and love are there. The clunky script, the bland acting, the headache inducing action scenes… Taken 3 has very few redeeming features other than it really seems like this could be the last one they make.

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