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Finding Dory

I suffer from short-term remembery loss.
05 August 2016

A sequel to the 2003 Pixar hit Finding Nemo. This time Nemo’s forgetful friend Dory goes on a quest to find her parents, who she lost many years ago in her youth after forgetting the way back home.

I’ll keep this one short. The premise here feels like a simple reversal of roles and a cash-in on the original success of Finding Nemo. The execution however proves Finding Dory to be worthwhile endeavour. As with all of Pixar’s best work, it’s an emotion driven plot with some simple but powerful over-arching themes. Kids learn, adults are reminded of the ways of the world. Everyone wins.

The animation is luscious, with a focus on colour and movement that is just breathtaking. The voice work is on point, Ed O’Neill in particular stands out as the octopus, as does Ty Burrell as the brain-damaged beluga.

Another hit from Pixar, showing once again they really are one of the only truly creative 3-D animation houses out there.

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