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The Bourne Identity

Look at what they make you give.
14 August 2016

Seeing the 2016 sequel made me want to go back and watch this, so here we are.

For a film I’ve only seen once in the past, I’m surprised at just how memorable The Bourne Identity is. Everything from getting found in the ocean, the Mini car chase and even small things like ripping the fire map off the wall to find escapes - it all stuck with me, even 14 years on. It’s those details that elevate this above your average summer action film. They allow us to revel in Bourne’s ingenuity, and of course wonder where it all came from.

I had forgotten that Paul Greengrass doesn’t actually direct this film, it’s Doug Liman. The camera doesn’t shake as much as you might expect. While the wobbly hand-held effect is present, the latest instalment in the franchise makes this look like steadicam footage.

A really solid start to the trilogy.

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