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The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Loving your work, Cowboy.
25 September 2016

At the height of the Cold War, a CIA agent is forced to work with a KGB officer to stop crucial plans for building a nuclear weapon from leaking.

Henry Cavill may be a boring Superman but as Napoleon Solo he really shows he can act. He lights up the screen from the first frame, immediately draws us in and makes being the coolest guy in the room seem effortless. It’s amazing just how accurately he manages to nail down the 60s US TV voice, and there’s a glint in his eye the whole way through.

The same goes for Armie Hammer, who plays KGB agent Ilya Kuryakin - it’s arguably a harder sell than Solo since the character is meant to be dull and stodgy, but Hammer manages to give him some depth and a sense of humour.

The idea of a Guy Ritchie remake of a classic 60s TV show doesn’t sound all that enticing, but the end result is surprisingly fun, stylish and original. The direction is slick and inventive, yet easy to follow in the action scenes. The cinematography and set design are gorgeous - every frame is meticulous.

Maybe all this window dressing and slick dialogue is just a way to cover the fact that the plot isn’t all that compelling. If that’s the case then it worked - The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is a real gem. Sign me up for the sequel.

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