Ben Oliver

Banner image for Arrival


Now that’s a proper introduction.
26 November 2016

As 12 mysterious alien pods arrive on Earth, a linguist (Amy Adams) is enlisted by the U.S. Army to help decipher their language.

Following on from the fantastic Sicario, Arrival is another hit from Denis Villeneuve. It looks into the very nature of language and communication, challenges our perception of time, then explores the connection between the two. This is all while keeping us on the edges of our seats. The way the film tackles complex themes through the narrow lens of its main character is masterful, and shows great care in not losing the audience while not dumbing anything down.

What’s more, the direction and sound design are so beautifully done that one can only sit back and marvel at what’s happening on screen. The plot builds in a slow crescendo and as it all starts to come together every shot, sound and motion makes an impact.

Arrival is a creative and compelling piece of work. One of the best of the year (and another award-worthy performance from Amy Adams), and proof that film isn’t yet dead.