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London Has Fallen

Go back to Fuckheadistan.
18 January 2017

Hard to believe they made a sequel to Olympus Has Fallen but they did. This time it’s London that gets attacked by terrorists but to my surprise, the US president happens to be there too! This president has seen a whole load of action that’s for sure.

Gerard Butler reprises his role as the bodyguard tasked with ‘getting the hell out of there’ and Aaron Eckhart is back as the pres. It’s formulaic schlock but London Has Fallen does have a couple of zingers up its sleeve (I don’t know where Fuckheadistan is but it sounds bad) and the action sequences on the ground towards the end are surprisingly good.

This is contrasted by some of the shoddiest CGI work I’ve seen in years. For instance, the initial explosion is seen from a helicopter looking down on the streets of London, but it looks more like the explosion in The Dam Busters than a terrorist attack.

London has Fallen is without doubt a load of old cods, but its tongue in cheek humour and half decent final assault put it one slight cut above the bargain bucket straight-to-DVD fare it belongs with.

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