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Magic Mike

You are the husband they never had!
22 February 2017

Channing Tatum stars as ‘Magic’ Mike, a stripper trying to carve out a life for himself in Tampa. We follow his antics as he befriends a younger man new to the game (Alex Pettyfer) and deals with his veteran boss (Matthew McConaughey).

Steven Soderburgh takes more care with cinematography and capturing the moment than he does with the plot here. This is by no means a crime, but Magic Mike tries so hard to tell a story without actually getting anywhere that you wonder if some key parts were left on the cutting room floor.

McConaughey steals the show as the strip club’s slimy owner and former stripper, and if Magic Mike is worth a look at all it’s for him.

In fact, Magic Mike is worth a look every moment it’s not mope-ing about. The strip numbers are pulled off with such fun and pizazz that it’s a shame the rest of the film gets bogged down in subplots that go nowhere.

Entertaining for the most part, even if it doesn’t live up to the hype.

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