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Free Fire

What kind of accent is that? I think it’s Swiss.
06 April 2017

An arms deal in 70s Boston goes south, resulting in a prolonged shoot out.

Free Fire pulls off the impressive feat of holding your attention for an hour and a half while being little more than a gun battle and some witty dialogue. The well rounded cast (Armie Hammer, Brie Larson, Sharlto Copley, Cillian Murphy) help to make it a successful ensemble piece through the constant hail of bullets, I hope they all got their ears tested after this.

Talking of which, the special effects work deserves a mention. You could hear every bullet whizzing by and making an impact as if you were in the room, and in some cases you could just about make them out on screen. It’s perhaps par for the course in a film about guns but the effect is truly unique to this film; Wheatley somehow makes you feel every bullet.

This is a deranged, hilarious film and one of a kind in the best way possible. Yes, it has its lulls, but for the most part it’s raw, uncut fun.

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