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The Seven Year Itch

When it gets hot like this, you know what I do? I keep my undies in the icebox!
19 June 2017

We’ve had a couple of hot sweaty nights here in the UK, and as regular readers will know I like to watch a film set in the same conditions. Usually it’s Body Heat, Rear Window or Barton Fink but tonight I thought maybe it was time to revisit Marilyn Monroe cooling herself off on a subway grate.

The Seven Year Itch probably isn’t considered to be Wilder’s finest work but it’s a light, colourful piece that doesn’t take itself too seriously. From what I gather Monroe was having personal issues at the time and as a result struggled with the role. It doesn’t show on camera, she’s funny and self-aware and as a result I’d say it was one of her better performances.

The screenplay sometimes gets bogged down with Tom Ewell’s inner-monologue and the narrative meanders without going anywhere, but this still stands as a personal favourite when I want to see something that is silly but not stupid.