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Baby Driver

He had an accident when he was a kid, still has a hum in the drum. Plays music to drown it out. And that’s what makes him the best.
28 June 2017

A young man, nicknamed Baby (Ansel Elgort), works as a getaway driver to pay off a debt to a crime boss (Kevin Spacey), ‘Doc’.

Might as well lead with the bottom line - you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a more stylish, original and entertaining film this year.

Baby Driver ties action, music and romance together like never before. Everything is perfectly synced to the soundtrack, which is a mix of pop songs found on Baby’s iPod. It’s much like a musical in this sense but so much more subtle than just spontaneous bursts into song. The dialogue, the engines & the gunfire all bounce along to the music.

Despite records playing almost the whole way through, Wright never lets it become a gimmick. The fundamentals are still there; great lead performances and a strong narrative arc are really what take centre stage.

The best musical car chase romance of the 21st century. A must see.

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