Ben Oliver

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The Benedict Cumberbatch Backlash has begun.
22 July 2017

A washed up actor (Julian Barrett) from an 80s Isle of Man detective show is asked to help the police with a crazed fan wanted for murder. The fan believes the show is real, and will only talk to the main character ‘Mindhorn’.

This is a solid comedy that indirectly pokes fun at shows like Bergerac and The Six Million Dollar Man while in many ways sharing a sense of humour with Hot Fuzz and Alan Partridge.

Mindhorn’s joke eventually wears thin, especially in the third act. However, one has to admire the way it sticks to its guns with its obscure references and oddball premise. Foley is not afraid to alienate half the audience but in this case it largely works in the film’s favour.

Julian Barrett is a good fit as the film’s lead and he’s bolstered by an excellent supporting cast.

Mindhorn won’t go down as a comedic masterpiece but if you’re in the market it might just be enough to tickle your funny bone on a wet Sunday.