Ben Oliver

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Inglourious Basterds

You didn’t say the goddamn rendezvous was in a fuckin’ basement.
23 July 2017

I hadn’t seen this since it came out and as with most of Tarantino’s work one remembers the key scenes but forgets just how well he writes. I can’t think of anyone who can keep you riveted through 20-minute long scenes of just dialogue, yet this film flies through its 150 minute runtime as if it were half as long.

The film flits between English, French, German and Italian yet Tarantino has his own visual language we can all understand. The devil is in the detail - whether it’s Hans Landa filling his fountain pen or eating strudel with Shoshanna, there’s always something more for characters to do rather than just talk.

Second time around, Inglourious Basterds has firmed itself up as a personal favourite if only for the bar scene and the final 30 minutes.