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Ted 2

So do you call it Arizona State University or just HPVU?
18 August 2017

I’m late to the game with this one; even as a fan of the original the bad press surrounding Ted 2 wasn’t surprising to me, and I must confess it pushed it down the queue a bit. So I got around to watching it and imagine my surprise - it’s actually funny.

That’s not to say the bad press was un-warranted. The plot meanders around and takes forever to get off the ground. Once it does get airborne it doesn’t really go anywhere that interesting at all. The jokes are all a little same-y and the way MacFarlane tries to force his characters’ world-view on the audience is a little tiresome.

However, it made me laugh. And I’m sure it’ll make most people laugh. How many films made in the last 15 years have given you a genuine, ‘pause the video’, belly laugh? Probably fewer than 20.

Ted 2 is crappy framework for some solid jokes. Make of it what you will. Sometimes you just want to laugh.