Ben Oliver

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The Boss Baby

You can’t be fired from your own family. Can you?
18 August 2017

Alec Baldwin provides the voice for a talking baby that acts like his character in Glengarry Glen Ross. He’s been sent from baby HQ under the guise of a newborn child to investigate an epidemic of parents loving puppies more than babies. However, if he doesn’t accomplish his mission then he could get trapped in the ‘real’ world forever, so he enlists the help of his older ‘brother’, Tim.

This is one of those poorly thought out high-concept films that raises too many questions about the actual mechanics of the premise. The film doesn’t play by its own rules. By the end the only assumption one can make is that the whole story takes place in Tim’s head. Maybe in The Boss Baby 2 he will wake up from his fever dream.

If you’re a parent scoping this one out for your kid, then you should know that The Boss Baby is tolerable and inoffensive. It’s also forgettable which is great because it means you can recycle the DVD every week and pretend it’s a new one.

If you’re an adult looking for some gentle entertainment and you like animation, look elsewhere.