Ben Oliver

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Oh, you shouldn’t think of her as being a woman. No, that would be a mistake.
20 August 2017

This is far from Soderbergh’s best work but I have a soft spot for it. Gina Carano plays a badass spy for a private agency who slowly finds out she’s the target of a hit by her own company. She kicks ass for 90 minutes just to survive.

Carano is not the greatest actress & the plot gets incredibly convoluted when it doesn’t need to, but when the butt-kicking gets in full swing it’s a real thrill ride. It’s a relatively low-budget film but Soderbergh works with what he’s got, and the absence of any huge-budget effects grounds the whole thing in reality.

Haywire is the perfect title. It’s mad, chaotic, end-to-end fun.