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Shaun The Sheep: The Movie

24 October 2017

Shaun and the gang hatch a plot to get rid of their farmer for the day but after it goes off the rails they realise they need him back.

I’m a fan of the TV show but wasn’t too enthused by the idea of a movie because kid’s spin-offs are usually a bit low-effort. I was gravely mistaken. In fact this is probably one of the top 20 animations made in the last decade. I don’t remember much hype when it came out (but perhaps I was tone deaf - it was Oscar nominated) but mark my words this is a mini-masterpiece.

Yesterday we watched WALL-E and I praised the boldness of its opening half, well here they have made a completely silent film and for 99% of it you are blissfully unaware of the lack of dialogue. It’s visual storytelling in its purest form, and will be used as a case study for generations to come.

Shear brilliance.

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