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Captain Fantastic

It’s a beautiful mistake. But a mistake.
30 October 2017

A family lives off the land in the forest, following a rigorous physical and mental regime - completely off the grid. When they learn of the death of their mother, the father takes them across country for the funeral.

What a smug, self-satisfied, preachy, overly sentimental, ‘quirky’ film. How anyone doesn’t want to smash things while watching Viggo Mortensen’s shit eating grin when he keeps showing off how smart his kids are is a mystery.

The “tell it like it is to your kids” philosophy is cool though but again the film takes a good thing and decides to smush it right in your fucking face.

Credit where credit is due, the DP deserves some praise. This is a pretty film and clearly a lot of work has gone into how it looks and feels. Also, it’s rare that an ending can induce such feelings of overwhelming nausea, so that’s something.

It’s got all the elements of the magical Little Miss Sunshine Sundance film festival bullshit jury award but with none of the charm.

Dire drivel.

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