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Pitch Perfect

You guys are gonna get pitch-slapped so hard, your man boobs are gonna concave.
27 November 2017

For a film about people who enjoy doing ‘a cappella’ (in the Glee sense) cover versions of remixed pop songs this isn’t as bad as it may seem. It’s not good, mainly because the music is obnoxious and smug, but it’s just self-aware enough to be bearable.

Anna Kendrick plays an ‘alternative’ DJ girl who joins the nerdy singers in their singing club. It’s a remarkably shallow character and a shit premise for what is meant to be the lead role.

Everyone else gets a more interesting or funny part. Rebel Wilson is the ‘quirky’ one here but for my money Adam Devine was funnier as the lead of the ‘boys’ team because he plays it straight. To its credit, in spite of putting girls vs boys Pitch Perfect always remains about talent rather than devolving into a lazy battle of the sexes plot.

The music is just so, so bad though. This might be the worst art form. Worse than Yoko Ono screaming at some poor tourist’s face in an art gallery. Worse than that twat with a drum sat outside Greggs. Worse than those cross-stitched versions of The Last Supper. It’s a 9.7 on the de Burgh scale.

Anyway if you like attractive ladies being friends and fucking about you might like this, just fast forward the butchery they call singing.