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I kill you, you bastard!
03 December 2017

I’m not usually one for ironically watching bad films, but I’m going to a screening of The Disaster Artist tomorrow. It’s a film about this film so I figured it would make sense. For those of you unfamiliar, it’s the “worst film ever made” and has garnered a cult status.

Sure enough it’s pretty bad. Characters come in and out of the plot for no reason, in fact 80% of scenes in the film seem to serve no purpose. At one point someone says she has cancer, and we never hear about it again. At another point someone gets threatened by gangsters, but that too goes away. People play American Football in tuxedos for no reason. It’s a surreal mess.

Like every terrible film, it’s funnier to read about than it is to watch. About 5 minutes in the urge to fast forward hits you pretty hard and it never really goes away.

Way too much attention has been paid to this film. It just needs to die.

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