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The Disaster Artist

Oh, hi Mark.
04 December 2017

A biopic about Tommy Wiseau and the production of The Room - dubbed by many as the worst film ever made.

James Franco undergoes a Daniel Day-Lewis style transformation as Wiseau, a bizarre character who closely guards where he’s from, how old he is and where he gets his money from.

This is an amazing feat. Franco matches Wiseau beat for beat when remaking The Room but also manages to capture the real essence of the man. He makes it look so effortless but he’s playing someone with a seemingly infinite number of affectations and quirks.

Not only that but the screenplay is hilarious, warm and genuine. It’s a pretty simple story arc but it’s well executed and the pay off at the end is well earned. Plus, the crowd I was with were in tears from laughing, which gets you extra brownie points.

If you’ve seen The Room then this is a cathartic experience - you get to see people say what you are thinking. If you haven’t seen it then don’t, but The Disaster Artist is still a biopic more than worthy of your time.

Mark my words you are going to hear a whole lot about this film come awards season.

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